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Jeffrey Elder, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist
My focus in assessment is to make sure the concerns and problems that a person is facing are understood and explained.  I bring expertise and knowledge of psychometrically sound assessments and protocols, but my client is the world’s leading expert on themselves.  Together we explore the nature of the symptoms they face and come to a conclusion about what it may mean for them.  My goal is to provide relevant information that can assist my client and those they have trusted with their care make accurate and helpful decisions about treatment and prognosis.  If you are in need of clarification or understanding of the issued you face, I would be happy to help you in that process.
Education and Credentials:
  • 2010 Brigham Young University  –  Ph.D. Counseling Psychology (APA Accredited)
  • 2004 University of Utah  –  B.S. Psychology
  • QPR Gatekeeper Instructor Certification
Previous Work, Training, and Outreach:
  • Psychologist and Program Coordinator Texas A&M University Counseling Center
  • Psychology Extern Brigham Young University Counseling Center
  • Psychology Extern LDS Employment Resources Services
  • Forensic Psychologist with Dr. Troy Martinez, Psy.D
  • Outreach on Depression and Perfectionism
  • Native American Research Assistantship and Group Psychotherapy Research Assistantship
Publications and Presentations:
  • Jackson, A.P., Peck, C.E., & Elder, J.L. Career counseling, Native Americans, In F.T.L. Leong (Ed.) Encyclopedia of Counseling.  Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.
  • Elder, J., Gleave, R. & Burlingame, G. (2008).  The Group Selection Questionnaire:  Preliminary data on differential prediction in group versus individual treatment.  American Group Psychotherapy Association, Washington, DC.
  • Beecher, M., Jensen, P., Elder., J., Burlingame, G & Gleave, R. (2008, February).  Creating an evidence-based college counseling center group practice:  Benefits and resistance. American Group Psychotherapy Association, Washington, DC.
  • more publications on file.